Volume No. :   1

Issue No. :  1

Year :  2010

ISSN Print :  0976-2973

ISSN Online :  2321-581X


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Visualization and Analysis of Epidemical Data of Tumkur District Hospital using GIS.

Address:   BG Premasudha1, Shivakumarswamy2 and BS Adiga3
1Research Scholar, Dr. MGR University, Chennai.
2 Mallige College of Pharmacy, Bangalore
3 TCS, Bangalore
*Corresponding Author

Disease data analysis and sharing is important for the collaborative preparation, response, and recovery stages of disease control. Disease phenomena are strongly associated with spatial factors. Web-based Geographical Information Systems (WGIS) provide a real-time and dynamic way to represent disease information on maps. WGIS provides excellent means for visualizing and analyzing epidemiological data, revealing trends, dependencies and inter-relationships. GIS serves as a common platform for convergence of multi-disease surveillance activities. This paper focuses on presenting a WGIS application created for studying distribution of malaria patients in Tumkur city, India. The application covers two main epidemiological issues: (i) defining the spatial distribution of malaria patients; and (ii) modelling spatial variation of malaria in the city. This study is useful to find out patient distribution, patient data classifications and accessibility to hospital. The spatial data infrastructure can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public health surveillance for India in district levels.
Web-GIS, Thematic mapping, surveillance, epidemics.
BG Premasudha, Shivakumarswamy, BS Adiga. Visualization and Analysis of Epidemical Data of Tumkur District Hospital using GIS. Research J. Engineering and Tech. 1(1): Jan.-Mar. 2010 page 42-46.
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