Author(s): Yogesh R. Mahulkar, C.M. Sedani

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DOI: 10.5958/2321-581X.2015.00056.2   

Address: Yogesh R. Mahulkar1, Dr. C.M. Sedani2
1Asst. Prof., SP Pune University, Pune
2Prof., BAMU, Aurangabad
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 6,      Issue - 3,     Year - 2015

In many electronic industries the problem arises for cooling electronic equipments, consequently major demand for extracting heat from an electronic part. Major investigations through changing the design of LHP, to capture more heat from the electronic part and solve the problem arise during extraction of heat. Such problem can be solved with different design aspects and manufacturing techniques of LHP which is used in many applications. Necessity to categorize with the behavior of evaporator with effective identification of parameters involved in design and operating condition for high heat flux conditions and transient load condition. It well proves that the design of LHP acceptable mainly with changing the design of the compensation chamber for varying heat loads. Identity start-up performance and heat transfer preferred with the effect of evaporator and wick connection method, effect of wick particle sizes as well the thermal resistance of the LHPs. Condenser location, length, operating conditions and the evaporator structures at different condition like high heat loads, low heat loads mainly affects the heat transfer characteristics of LHPs. Maximum performance achieved with a proper porous wick of the evaporator, low leakage from evaporator to compensation chamber, reduce wick dry out, reduce pressure loss, high heat transfer coefficient, reduce evaporator thermal resistance achieved by investigation and study the wick structure with different physical properties and different structured topology.

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Yogesh R. Mahulkar, C.M. Sedani. Design Aspects to Improve the Cooling Efficiency of Equipments Using Miniature Loop Heat Pipe: A Literature Review. Research J. Engineering and Tech. 6(3): July- Sept., 2015 page 357-368. doi: 10.5958/2321-581X.2015.00056.2

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