Author(s): Syed Imtiyaz Hassan


DOI: 10.5958/2321-581X.2017.00021.6   

Address: Syed Imtiyaz Hassan
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard University), New Delhi, India
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 8,      Issue - 2,     Year - 2017

In recent years, my countries are trying to develop smart cities using networked digital technologies for improving governance and quality of service delivery. For this purpose a wide range of technologies are being exploited for better systems. These technologies and methodologies that may be the part of such intelligent systems are but not limited to Internet of Things (IoT), sensor networks, Smartphone apps, cloud computing, big data, machine learning techniques, open source software and software engineering practices. Universities of such city may leverage the benefits of such technologies in academic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Furthermore, such ERP cannot have a general user interface and must be able to be customized as per the need of institutions. At the same time these customization and enhancements be such that least effort has to be made for adaptation. Apart from user interface customization, customization due to the technologies also to be considered. One such example is type of client support; rich user interface, web user interface and mobile user interface. In shorts, the issues of effectiveness and customization must be addressed while preparing such system. The author has identified Radio-frequency identification (RFID) as IoT, Smart phones, cloud computing, Model-View-Controller (MVC), Java and Android to address these issues. While RFID enhance the effectiveness of the system due to its capability of dealing with large amount of inputs without human intervention, MVC and Java can resolve the issue of customization and plate dependence by their inherent capability of rendering same information of different form and platforms respectively. The Android is proposed to use the system through mobile devices.

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Syed Imtiyaz Hassan. Methodologies and Technologies for IoT based Academic ERP for Smart University. Research J. Engineering and Tech. 2017; 8(2): 133-137. doi: 10.5958/2321-581X.2017.00021.6

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