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Original Articals:

1.   Simulation of Replica Allocation Algorithm in Adhoc Networks with Timestamping Method
2.   An Algorithm for Enhancing Security of Medical Image
3.   Development of Virtual Structural Dynamics Lab (VSDL): Modal Analysis Tool
4.   A Stance on Challenges with Current Internet and Approaches for Future Internet
5.   Growth and Instability: An Inter Zonal Analysis of Kharif and Rabi Crops in Chhattisgarh
6.   Synthesis and characterization of some Cobalt Phthalocyanine Carboxylamide used in the Merox Process
7.   Surface Water Treatment Using Ultrafiltration
8.   Analysis of R C Beams Strengthened With F R P Plates
9.   Visualization and Analysis of Epidemical Data of Tumkur District Hospital using GIS.
10.   An Effective Method for Transferring Color to Gray Scale Image Using Luminance Matching Without Human Intervention
11.   Retinex Theory for Image Enhancement
12.   Short Term Load Forecasting a Case Study of Kota City
13.   Grafting enhances the thermal stability of thermoplastic elastomers
14.   Retinex Image Enhancement Technique
15.   An Efficient Method for Image Matching and Retrieval
16.   Optimization of Amylase Production from Aspergillus oryzae MTCC 1847 by Submerged Fermentation
17.   Process Planning for Defect -Free Castings and Forgings Using Case Based Reasoning
18.   Dynamic analysis on Multistory R.C.C. Framed structures with the help of different software
19.   Large Scale Project Management “Risk Management”
20.   The Use of Multi Agent Paradigm to Build an Agent Based Architecture for E-Commerce Application
21.   Comparative Studies on the Production, Purification, and Characterization of Nattokinase from Blood Fibrin of Bos taurus (Cow) and Ovis aries (Sheep) by Rhizomucor sp.
22.   Study of Cryptology Based on Proposed Concept of Cyclic Cryptography Using Cyclograph
23.   Design of High Performance Digital Fir Filter Using Distributed Arithmetic Algorithm with Residue Number System
24.   Green Energy: A Study
25.   Statistical Optimization of Lipase Production from Bacillus spp by Central Composite Design
26.   Optimal Production and Purification of Citric Acid from Cane Molasses by Aspergillus niger MTCC 282 using Response Surface Methodology
27.   A Comprehensive Survey for 3D Watermarking
28.   WUM for the Discovery of User’s Frequent Navigation Patterns
29.   A Brief Structure of Watermarking Relational Database: An Overview
30.   Data Transmission in Mobile Ad Hoc Network using Multicast Routing Protocol
31.   Effect of Lignite, Phenol and Water Dispersant Additives on Jigging Of Iron Ore
32.   Survey of Routing Protocols in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
33.   Color-Texture Image Segmentation Algorithms based on Hypercomplex Gabor Analysis
34.   Multiscale Image Denosing With Optimal Wavelet Selection
35.   Automatic Detection of Material Parasite in Blood Images using Image Processing
36.   Identification of Individual Using Voice and Fingerprint
37.   Computer Aided Drug Design: A Review
38.   A Survey on Admission Control Paradigm for Real-Time Database
39.   Computer Software Engineering and Technology Research on Open Source “LIBRE” Software: - Theory, Techniques and Methodologies
40.   Dynamic and Stability Criteria for a Continuous Bioaccumulation of Reactive Red C2G 29 Dye using Penicillium chrysogenum MTCC 6477
41.   A Comprehensive Survey Paper on Multi Casting Routing Protocols
42.   A Survey on Performance Analysis between Different Routing Protocols
43.   Modification and Utilisation of Dried Red Mud for Construction of Vegetation Cover
44.   A 3-D Watermarking For Color Images
45.   A Novel Technique of Peak-To-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) Reduction in OFDM Signal
46.   Video Compression with Wavelet Transform Using SPIHT Algorithm in MATLAB Simulink
47.   A Comprehensive Paper on Artificial Life
48.   Use of Fins and Inserts as Passive Heat Transfer Augmentation Techniques.
49.   A Survey on Various Mobility Models for Protocols of Manet
50.   Optimal Production, Purification and Characterization of Extracellular Lipase by an Isolated Bacillus Sp. and It’s Ability as a Bio-Detergent
51.   Energy Conserving and Target Coverage Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks
52.   Wind Power: Recent Trends and Issues
53.   Review of Different Embedding Factor’s for an Adaptive Image Watermarking Scheme.
54.   Environmental Problems and Its Preventive Measures in Non Ferrous Industries
55.   Removal of SOX from Industrial Gases
56.   An Efficient and Useful Hybrid Approach for Detection of Lung Cancer
57.   Detection of Credit Card Fraud Transaction using Hidden Markov Model
58.   Magnetic Field Dynamics of Thermo-Emf Generation in the High Temperature Range
59.   A Survey Paper for Skin Cancer Detection Based on Retinex Theory
60.   Image Encryption and Decryption Using Auto Generated Key
61.   To Study Work Quality of Employees by Use of Computers in Textile Industry
62.   Study of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) In a Nano-Structured Material
63.   Natural Language Words Analysis for Affective Scene Generation from Written Text using Artificial Neural Network
64.   Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Material using fin Analysis with Offline Software Assistance.
65.   Cadmium and Mercury Pollution and its Preventive Measures
66.   Protecting Java Code Via Code Obfuscation
67.   A Comprehensive Paper for Multicasting Routing Protocol
68.   A Real Time Hand Tracking and Multimedia Based System for Breast Muscle Self-Examination: A Perspective Study - Indian European Point of View (Simplified 3D Hand Model)
69.   Theft Detection in Distribution Systems Using Intelligent Systems
70.   A Study on Influence of a Index and Southwest Monsoon Over Northeast Monsoon Using Back Propagation Neural Network
71.   A Comprehensive Paper for Performance Evaluation between DSDV and AODV Routing Protocol
72.   A Comparative Analysis of Thresholding Techniques for Denoising of MRI Image Using Wavelets
73.   Homogeneous Hyperelastic Potentials
74.   Propagation of Waves in an Incompressible Microstretch Solid
75.   The Formation of One and Two Dimensional Wave Equations (Partial Differential Equations) in Term of Mechanical Perspective
76.   A Characterization Theorem in Rotatory Thermohaline Convection of Veronis Type in Porous Medium
77.   Triple- Diffusive Convection in Walters’ (Model B´) Fluid in Porous Medium in Hydromagnetics
78.   Hydrodynamic and Hydromagnetic Stability of Stratified Elastico-Viscous Walters’ (model B') Fluid in the Presence of Suspended Particles in Porous Medium
79.   The Onset of Thermal Instability in a Triply Diffusive Three Dimensional Fluid Layer in Porous Medium
80.   Effect of Hall Currents and Suspended Particles on Critical Thermal Rayleigh Number for Compressible Walters’ (Model Bï‚¢) Fluid
81.   A Review on Stability and Instability in Fluids and Solids
82.   Modelling of Symmetric Free Vibrations of Thermoelastic Circular Plate Partially in Contact with Fluid
83.   Effect of Suspended Particles on the Stability of Stratified Viscoelastic Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid Saturating a Porous Medium
84.   Reflection and Transmission of Thermo-Viscoelastic Plane Waves at Liquid-Solid Interface
85.   On -Law in Magnetoconvection Problem for General Nature of Boundaries Using Galerkin Method
86.   On the stability analysis of a generalized double diffusive convection problem
87.   Global Stability of a Couple-Stress Fluid in a Porous Medium Using a Thermal Non-Equilibrium Model
88.   Global Stability for Thermal Convection in a Rotating Couple-Stress Fluid
89.   Effect of Rotation on the Onset of Compressible Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid Heated from Below Saturating a Darcy-Brinkman Porous Medium
90.   Global stability for thermal convection in a rotating couple-stress fluid saturating a porous medium
91.   Effect of rotation on thermal instability of Oldroydian visco-elastic fluid saturated by Brinkman Darcy porous medium
92.   Effects of Nonlinearity over Linearity by Using Homotopy Perturbation Method
93.   The Vibration of Axially Stressed Rod
94.   Isolation and screening of antibiotic producing Actinomyces species from soil sample
95.   Voltage Sag and Swell Mitigation Using Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer
96.   To study implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning – Quality Management Module in Textile Industry
97.   Fault Analysis of Green Energy Grid
98.   Effective Control of HVDC-Connected Offshore Wind Farm
99.   Energy Conversion Efficiency of the Advanced Thermocouples Under The Influence of Applied Electric Field
100.   Jigging of iron ore by different additives
101.   Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Table Driven and On–Demand Routing Protocols for MANETS based on Traffic Models
102.   Biodiesel Production and Fuel Quality-Review
103.   Study of DumbAgent of MAC Layer in MANET
104.   A Review on fly ash generation, its composition and Environmental Impact for Durg - Bhilai Twin City industrial Region
105.   Self Organising Maps: An Interesting Tool for Exploratory Data Analysis
106.   An Impact of Machine Learning with Lexcio-Syntatics Features of Question Classification
107.   Experimental Investigation and Forecasting of Power Generation from Speed Breakers or Road Ramps
108.   Role of Aluminium and Phosphorus on the Secretion and Behaviour of Acid Phosphatase in Callus Culture of Brassica juncea
109.   Computerized Model Development of Glitch Reduction in Low-Power Low-Frequency TG- Multiplier
110.   A Characterization of Thermosolutal Convection in Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid in the Presence of Magnetic Field in a Porous Medium
111.   Question Classification: Semantic Feature
112.   A Brief Study on the Repair and Rehabilitation of Square and Circular Reinforced Concrete Columns with FRP Wrapping
113.   Upper Limits to Growth Rate in Magneto-Thermosolutal Convection in Rivlin-Ericksen Viscoelastic Fluid in a Porous Medium
114.   A Mathematical Derivation of Erlang Model B and C Formulas Used in the Terrestrial Propagation Mechanisms for Terrestrial Propagation Modeling
115.   Milling Operation and its Optimization – A Literature Review
116.   Design and Development of CNC Trainer
117.   Design of Coaxial Fed Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wi-MAX/ IMT Applications
118.   Detection of Faults in Induction Motors Using Embedded Zero-tree Wavelet Analysis of Stator Current Signals
119.   Performance Evaluation of CBR and TCP Traffic Models Using AOMDV Routing Protocol in MANET
120.   Utilization of red mud for making bricks
121.   Optimal Production of Bioelectricity using Clostridium sporogenes NCIM 5125
122.   Characterization of Rotatory Thermal Convection in Rivlin-Ericksen Viscoelastic Fluid
123.   Experimental Investigations on Mechanical Properties of High Strength Concrete by using Supplementary Cementing Materials
124.   Simulation and Implementation of Solid State Circuit Breaker for the Protection of Power System
125.   Download Time Estimation and Reduction
126.   Detailed Discussion on Hidden Markov Model in Credit card Fraudulent Detection
127.   Removal of Heavy Metals from Leather Industry Effluent Using Saccharomyces sp In a Packed Bed Reactor
128.   Seawater Neutralized Red Mud as an Adsorbent
129.   Implementation of Interleaved Soft-Switching Boost Converter fed PMDC Motor System
130.   Fingerprint and Voice Identification in Biometric Security Systems using Neural Network
131.   Modal Analysis of Inertia Dynamometer by using FEA
132.   Quality Analysis of Image during Encryption/ Decryption Using Segmentation and Shuffling with Lossless Compression
133.   Consequence analysis of liquefied ammonia leakage accident with Aloha -simulation and off-site emergency scenario.
134.   Development of Computational Fuzzy Controller for Smooth Speed Tracking Buck Converter Fed DC Motor
135.   Remote Sensing and GIS: A Management Perspective
136.   A Review on Information Systems Audit
137.   An overview of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) for Multiple-Robot Task allocation (MRTA)
138.   Prevention of Board Curl
139.   Comparative Study of Supervised Learning Technique in Context of Soybeans Data
140.   Experimental and Numerical Study of Thermal performance of a Building Roof including Phase Change Material (PCM) for Thermal Management
141.   Development and Impact testing of a pultruded composite material highway guardrail
142.   Isolation, Partial Purification and Characterization of Polyphenol Oxidase (PPO) from Musa Paradisiaca
143.   Biological Agents for Delivery of Therapeutic Genes
144.   Cloning of PA-1L Gene from Pseudomonas aeruginosa in E. coli
145.   Analysis of Lymphoma Neoplasm and their Phenotypes
146.   Protective Effect of Plectranthus amboinicus Leaf Extract Containing Luteolin Flavanoid in Isoproterenol Hydrochloride Induced Myocardial Infarction in Rats - An Assessment on Biochemical and Cellular Changes
147.   Emerging Trends in Artificial Blood
148.   Insight in the Field of Biophotonics
149.   Adsorption Studies on Bagasse for Removal of Residual Chlorine from Its Aqueous Solution
150.   Degradation of Dyeing Effluent Using Fenton’s Oxidation
151.   A Novel Approach to treat Bio Wastes Using Biodigesters and Microorganisms Employed to Increase Plastic Degradation
152.   Treatment of Domestic Sewage through Immobilized Cell Reactor with Minimum Sludge Production
153.   Synthesis, Characterization and Hemocompatibility Evaluation of Polyurethane Ionomers
154.   Decolorisation of Reactive Orange using Coupled Oxidation Process.
155.   Decolorization and Degradation of Reactive Dyes by Aspergillus niger
156.   Isolation and Characterization of Lead (Pd) Resistant Staphylococcus aureus from Tannery Effluent Contaminated Site
157.   Phytoremediation: Removal of Heavy Metals from Soil using Helianthus annuus
158.   A complete study on biodegradation of Reactive Red C2G29 using newly isolated Acinetobacter sp.
159.   Environmental Impact Assessment on Reviving Water Storage Structure for Sustainable Development
160.   Identification of Pollutant Concentration in Water Body using Remote Sensing Techniques
161.   Gold Nanoparticle for Protein Delivery
162.   Polymeric Nano Medicine for Cancer Therapy-Review
163.   Synthesis, Surface Modification and Characterisation of Iron Nanoparticles
164.   A Review on Seaweeds Phytochemical Analysis and Utilisation of Seaweeds as Biofertilizer
165.   Experimental Study to Enhance the Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluid
166.   Magnetic Nanoparticles as Versatile Carriers for Immobilization of Laccase
167.   A Computational Analysis to Study the Application of Lipid Nanotechnology in the Field of Drug Delivery to Treat Liver Diseases
168.   Potential Applications of Chitosan Nanoparticles as Novel Support in Enzyme Immobilization
169.   Nanoparticle-Mediated Drug Delivery Systems
170.   Application of Nanoscience and Technology in Medicine- Nanomedicine
171.   Eco-Friendly Green Batteries
172.   Enrichment of Lipid Accumulation in Chlorella pyrenoidosa
173.   Remunerative Approach of Production of Bioethanol from Sea Weeds
174.   Extraction Purification of Phlorotannins from Different Species of Marine Algae and Evaluation of their Anti-Oxidant Potential
175.   Statistical Optimization of Alkaline Levan Production using Bacillus subtilis
176.   Comparative Studies on Ethanol Production Efficiency using Zymomonas mobilis, Erwinia carotovora and Saccharomyces cerevisae
177.   Design and Stabilization of Natural Antibacterial Compound Allicin against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus for Treatment as a Novel Antibiotic
178.   Effect of Economic Order Quantity at Small Scale Textile Mill: A Case Study
179.   A Brief Study of Bluetooth Technology
180.   Copper Doped Zinc Sulfide Thin Film by Successive Inonic Layer Deposition (Silar) Method
181.   Diurnal Study of VOCs in Raipur, Chhattisgarh
182.   “Co-generation”, Reliable and Efficient Power in Textile Industries
183.   Possibilities of Using Neural Network for ECG Classification
184.   Performance Evaluation of Diesel Engine Using Modified Air Filter
185.   Optimisation of Machining Parameters for Turning EN16 Steel: Desirability Function Analysis and ANOVA
186.   Radio Frequency Identification Concepts and Applications
187.   Physico Chemical Analysis of Ground Water in Chirimiri Area of Korea District, Chhattisgarh
188.   CDMA, GSM and 3G-A Decade of Advances and Challenges
189.   Durability Properties of M30 Grade Concrete Using Mineral and Chemical Admixtures
190.   To Study Application of Management Information System in Quality Management System of Textile Industry
191.   Assessment of Occupational, Health and Safety Problems in the Automotive Industry and their Remedial Measures
192.   To Design and Develop Low Cost Automatic Wall Plastering Machine
193.   Automatic Detection and Classification of Pulmonary Nodules on CT Images
194.   Application of Bloom filters in Fast Packet Classification
195.   An Analysis of Some Major Antennas’ using Frequency 750 MHz to 850 MHz
196.   MANET Global Connectivity Using Secure Framework of Mobile IP and MANET Integration
197.   New Product Development And Value Stream Mapping: A Case Study In Electrical Manufacturing Industry
198.   Performance Analysis and Comparison between Different Image Compression Techniques
199.   Evaluation and Improvement of Comfort for a Clerical Worker by Using Ergonomics
200.   NARMA-L2 Controller for Five-Area Load Frequency Control
201.   Seismic Behaviour and Pushover Analysis of Steel Frames
202.   Combinatorial Approach to Prevent SQL Injection Attack
203.   Hazards Associated to Synthesis Gas and its Mitigation Measures
204.   Satellite Communication
205.   Performance Comparisons of Node Mobility Models on Routing Protocols on MANET
206.   Biodegradable Plastic – A Potential Substitute for Synthetic Polymers
207.   Effect of Wave Number on Thermal Convection in Couple-Stress Fluid in The Presence of Rotation and Magnetic Field
208.   Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of Zn(II) and Fe(II) complexes derived from enamine
209.   Comparison between FEM and transmission line based analysis of Novel metamaterials at high frequency
210.   Coherence Technique in Multisited EMG Writer’s Cramp signals
211.   Utilization of Fly Ash, Lime and Synthetic Bag Fiber for Soil Stabilization
212.   Energy Conservation through Smart Grid Technologies
213.   Increase Flash Memory in MMULess Embedded Systems
214.   Grey Scale Image Enhancement Using Proposed Modified Histogram Equalization Algorithm
215.   On Exchange Principle in Magnetohydrodynamic Triply Diffusive Convection with viscosity variations
216.   Effect of Non-uniform Temperature gradient on Marangoni Convection in a Relatively Hotter or Cooler Layer of Liquid
217.   Stability of Stratified Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid in the Presence of Horizontal Magnetic Field and Uniform Horizontal Rotation in Porous Medium
218.   Heat and Mass Transfer in MHD Slip Flow through Inclined Vertical Porous Channel
219.   Stability analysis in a rotating couple-stress fluid heated from below saturating a porous medium with temperature-pressure dependent viscosity
220.   Combined effects of Heat radiation and Rotation on free convective flow on vertically upwards heated plate with Gravity Modulation in Slip Flow Region
221.   An exact solution of unsteady free convective MHD flow past a hot vertical porous plate with variable temperature in slip flow regime
222.   IR Fiber Optics- An Introduction
223.   Effects of Heat and Mass Transfer on MHD Flow past a Moving Porous Plate through Porous Medium with Viscous Dissipation
224.   Effect of Wave Number on the Onset of Instability in Couple-Stress Fluid and its Characterization in The Presence of Magnetic Field
225.   Upper Limit to the Growth Rate of Perturbation in Rotatory Convection in Couple-Stress Fluid in the Presence of Magnetic Field
226.   MHD Free Convective Fluctuating Flow and Mass Transfer Past a Porous Plate in the Presence of Radiation for an optically thin fluid with Variable Permeability
227.   Hydromagnetic Stability of Al2O3-Water and CuO-Water Nanofluids: Effect on Critical Rayleigh Number
228.   Dual Solutions in MHD Boundary Layer Nanofluid Flow and Heat Transfer with Heat Source/Sink considering Viscous Dissipation
229.   On the Bounds for Oscillation in Thermohaline Convection Problems with Temperature-Dependent Viscosity
230.   On Uniform Magneto- Rotatory Double-Diffusive Convection in Compressible Couple-Stress Fluid
231.   Analytical/numerical investigations of Kelvin-Helmholtz instability of superposed non-viscous fluids in the presence of magnetic field
232.   Thermo Creep Transition in Thin Rotating Non-Homogeneous Disc of Variable Thickness and Variable Density
233.   Combined effect of heat and mass transfer on MHD convective Rivlin- Ericksen flow past a semi-infinite vertical porous plate with variable temperature
234.   Study of Structural and Electrical Properties of R0.67Sr0.33MnO3, (R = Nd, Pr)
235.   Computer Algebra Systems and its Computational Application to the Thermo-Elastic Problem
236.   Instability of Viscous Fluid
237.   On the Onset of Electrohydrodynamic Instability of Rivlin-Ericksen Viscoelastic Dielectric Fluid Layer
238.   Stability of Stratified viscoelastic Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid/Plasma in the presence of variable Horizontal Magnetic Field
239.   A class of the backward Euler’s method for initial value problems
240.   More efficient fifth-order method for solving systems of nonlinear equations
241.   On improved Steffensen type methods with optimal eighth-order of convergence
242.   On Rotatory Hydrodynamic Triply Diffusive Convection in Porous Medium: Darcy Model
243.   Megneto-convection in a Layer of Maxwell Visco- Elastic Fluid in a Porous Medium with Soret Effect
244.   Thermosolutal Convection in Compressible Walters’ B Elastico-Viscous Fluid in the Presence of Magnetic Field and Rotation in Porous Medium
245.   Radiating Flow with Induced magnetic field over a Vertical Porous Plate in Presence of Heat Source
246.   Upper limits to the Linear Growth Rate in Triply Diffusive Convection
247.   Electrohydrodynamic Instability of an Elastico-Viscous Dielectric Fluid Layer under Rotation
248.   Comparative Analysis of Numerous Routing Protocols of Mobile Ad hoc Network
249.   Infrastructures for Secure Data Aggregation, use of Wireless Sensor Networks for Industrial Monitoring and its Application in Networks Monitor Transportation
250.   Role of Remote Sensing and GIS for Handling Environmental Issues in Chhattisgarh State
251.   Digital Image Watermarking using Hybrid DWT-DCT-SVD Approach based on JND
252.   Annexure Privacy Preserving Public Auditing for Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing
253.   Study of Carbonation in Concrete in Presence Mineral Admixture by Experimental Investigation
254.   Image Matting Based on Weighted Color and Texture Sample Selection
255.   Energy Savings by using Goat Milk
256.   Effective Implementation of Data Segregation and Extraction Using Big Data in E-Health Insurance as a Service
257.   Wind Power: Issues Related with Microgrid
258.   Suspect identification by matching composite sketch with mug-shot
259.   Innovative Approach to Optimize Re-Sharpening Material Stock Removal to Improve Tool Life
260.   Air Quality Index – A Comparative Study for Assessing the Status of Air Quality
261.   Continuous Assessment of Product Design, Development and Change
262.   Why the Improvement of the RBT System is a Better Solution than Building Flyovers for the Traffic Problems of the City of Pune, India
263.   Assessment and Improvement of Safety Culture in a Sugar Industry in India
264.   Enhanced Clustering for Forensic Analysis
265.   Cycle Time Reduction in Plastic Industry
266.   Web Data Extraction and Alignment Tools: A survey
267.   Influence of Rivet Geometry on Strength of Hybrid Adhesive Joints
268.   Water-Neutral Concept for a Manufacturing Industry
269.   Greenhouse Gases Life Cycle Assessment for Evaluation of Composting as Selected Management Technique of Food and Garden Waste Generated at an Indian Metropolitan Transport Hub
270.   Online Feedback and Marks Prediction System
271.   Elastic-Plastic Transition Problems
272.   Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series 18001: 2007 in an Indian University
273.   Strategic approaches for Smart Village Implementation in India
274.   Design Aspects to Improve the Cooling Efficiency of Equipments Using Miniature Loop Heat Pipe: A Literature Review
275.   Identification of Critical Delay Factors in Execution of Construction Projects in India
276.   Life Cycle Assessment of the Naphtha Production from Crude oil
277.   An Overview of Corrosion Performance of Automotive Metals in Biodiesel
278.   Highly Confidential Security System
279.   Hazardous Material Information System - A Review
280.   Online Feedback and Marks Prediction System
281.   Design of Drive System for Head-On-Generation through Slip-Power Recovery in Passenger Electric Locomotives
282.   A Reliable 3-Factor Authentication for Secured User Logins
283.   A Prototype App for Automated Health Diagnostic System
284.   Development of non-polluted vehicle using aqua silencer
285.   Cost Optimal Design of a Power Inductor for VAR Compensation in EHV Line
286.   A SVRGIS: Geographic Information System (GIS) to improve Real - Time Weather Transformation for Phelan Cyclone - 2013
287.   Thermal Performance of Mud Houses
288.   Growth and characterization of pure and Glycine doped Bis thiourea zinc chloride
289.   Energy-Transfer Behavior in Blue Color Ce3+, Eu2+ Activated LaMgAl11O19 Phosphor Prepared by Combustion Synthesis Using Mixed of Fuel Technique.
290.   Analytical Study of Double Flight Stair Slab without Floor Landing
291.   Fusion of Speech and Iris in Multibiometrics
292.   Experimental Investigation of Thermal Performance of Solar Air Heater
293.   Assessment of Pedestrian Level of Service for Mixed Lane
294.   Optimal Scheduling of N Job and N Machine by Branch and Bound Method: A Case Study Approach
295.   The Impact of Clustering Mechanism in Dense Wireless Sensor Network
296.   Influence of ambient air temperature on the Coefficient of performance of a Refrigerator
297.   Study of the Noise Pollution for three consecutive years during Deepawali festival in Chidambaram town
298.   Analysis of Mud Houses for Winter Season
299.   Optimization of Response and Control time of Fire and Rescue Services
300.   Mining Weakly Labelled by Search-Based Face Annotation
301.   Performance Evaluation of a Diesel Car at Different Atmospheric Temperatures
302.   Calibration of Thermostat in Water Bath
303.   Advances in superconductivity and superconductors
304.   Self Similarity in Fractals
305.   Energy-efficient protocols for wireless sensor networks
306.   Joining of Dissimilar Metals by Friction Stir Welding: A Review
307.   A Novel Method of Home Energy Management System Using Microcontroller for Increasing Load Factor
308.   An Investigation on Optimum usage of Foundry Sand as fine aggregate in Foundry Sand Admixed Concrete
309.   Comparative Study on Waste Heat Recovery System from Domestic Refrigerator
310.   Experimental study on post repair performance of reinforced concrete beams rehabilitated and strengthened with CFRP sheets. A thesis
311.   Experimental Analysis of Electrical Resistivity of Lubricant for Online Condition Monitoring of Rolling Bearing Using Design of Experiment
312.   Review of Nanoscience Materials and its applications
313.   Development of Statistical Relationship between the Schmidt Hammer Rebound Number, P-Wave Velocity and Number of Joints in the Rocks
314.   Mathematical Modelling of end-to-end delay of customised ZigBee stack towards optimization of performance metrics
315.   Cost Analysis on Performance of C.I. Engine using mixture of Diesel and Biogas
316.   Effect of sub lethal exposure of LC50 of butachlor on the population dynamics of earthworm Eutyphoeus waltoni.
317.   Large and Detached Eddy Simulation of Flow around a Circular Cylinder
318.   Geothermal Energy Plant: Scope and advantages
319.   Role of MATLAB in Mathematics
320.   Functionally Graded Materials
321.   Academic Performance Evaluator over the Cluster-L2 Metric
322.   Investigation of Possible Impact of 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene (TNT) Explosive Seismic Energy Source on the Nitrate Content of Groundwater in Sagbama Area, Niger Delta, Nigeria
323.   A study of Network Attacks and Features of Secure Protocols
324.   Effects of Variable Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity on Hydromagnetic Flow of Dusty Fluid past a Rotating Vertical Cone
325.   Street Architecture as a Life Space
326.   Mathematical and Thermodynamical Analysis of Stirling Cryocooler
327.   Biodecolorization of textile reactive dyes by Penicillium chrysosporium and Penicillium simplicissimum - A comparative study
328.   Study on the Scope of Virtual Digital Stores in Rural India with respect to
329.   A Comparison study of Computer Virus and Detection Techniques
330.   Multi Sensor based Biometric System using Image Processing
331.   Academic Data Modelling based on Fuzzy-Genetic Algorithm
332.   Design of Portable and Sustainable user Authentication System using Intrinsic Mobile Phone Biometric in Smart City Environment
333.   Methodologies and Technologies for IoT based Academic ERP for Smart University
334.   Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Optimal Design of OADM for DWDM applications
335.   Effect of Nanoparticles based Lubricants on Static Thermal Behaviour of Journal Bearings: A Review
336.   A Review of effect of different parameters in Friction Stir Welding
337.   Infrared Organic Photovoltaic: A Review
338.   Cyber Crime in the Society: Security Issues, Preventions and Challenges
339.   Experimental Analysis and Validation of Optimized OADM System using Artificial Neural Network for WDM System
340.   Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells for Sustainable Energy Production
341.   Influence of Tire Stiffness on Automotive Quarter Car Suspension System
342.   CFD based transient analysis of hydrodynamic journal bearing
343.   Result Evaluation Approach of Effectual Testing for Web Service in Utility Domain
344.   A Mathematical Analysis of Locus of Centre of Circular Curvature of a Helix
345.   Analysis of Groundwater Quality Parameters in Selected Villages of Arvi Region of Wardha District, Maharashtra
346.   Numerical Analysis on 64 cm2 Active Area of PEM Fuel Cell
347.   Performance of IP- Based Wireless Sensor Network with Cartesian Terrain
348.   Metallurgical Perspective of Line Pipe Steel
349.   Measures in Mathematics
350.   Telemedicine Approach for Patient Monitoring System using IOT
351.   Thermosolutal Instability in Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid in the presence of Hall Currents
352.   Smart Public Transportation System using Android App
353.   Power Generation using Solar Panel and IR Grid
354.   A Modified Single Phase Multilevel Inverter Topology for Distributed Energy Resources
355.   Comparative Study of Pentagon Shaped Patch Antenna with Different Substrates Operating at WLAN Frequency
356.   A Dynamic Carpooling System with Social Network Based Filtering
357.   Alternative Method for Measurement of Apparent Viscosity of Gas Solid Fluidized Bed
358.   IOT based Home Automation System through Adaptive Decision Making Fuzzy Algorithm
359.   Optimization of MIG Welding Process Parameters: A Review
360.   Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radio Application: A Review
361.   Microwave joining of metals: A Review
362.   Quantum Key Distribution (QKD): A Review on Technology, Recent Developments and Future Prospects
363.   A Critical Study on Performance of Diesel Engine using mixture of Diesel and Bio-Diesel as a Working Fuel and Influence of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticle Additive - A Review
364.   Characterization and Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Behavior of B4C and RHA reinforced Aluminium Alloy 7075 hybrid Composite using Stir Casting
365.   Significant role of Supplementary Cementing Materials in Concrete for the Assessment of Durability
366.   Fabrication of Al2024/MWCNT Composite
367.   Education in Architecture - Key to Architecture Profession
368.   Assessment of wave and solar energy potential along Western coast of India
369.   Result Evaluation of Bug Forecasting Model in Software Engineering
370.   Quadratic Demand based Inventory Model with Shortages and Two Storage Capacities System
371.   Colour Image Encryption Using Chaotic System
372.   A Site Selection Scheme for Emergency Network Deployment: A metro city perspective
373.   Generate Electricity from Hybrid Road Speed Breaker
374.   Effect of increase in cycle of Concentration for a Coal based Thermal Power Plant on Water Conservation
375.   A Big Picture on Antimicrobial Strategies then and now
376.   Low Power Real Time Surveillance CCTV Recording using Msp430
377.   IOT Based Accident prevention and Emergency Services
378.   Online sewing defect monitoring for SNLS machine by Image Processing Technique
379.   Extraction of dye from Ixora coccinea and Beta vulgaris for Eco-dyeing
380.   Investigation on wear behavior of Al6061 hybrid metal matrix composite in braking applications
381.   Development of Eco-friendly water repellent fabrics
382.   An Overview of Friction Stir Welding Process and Parameters of Aluminium Alloys
383.   Joule heating and thermal radiation effects on chemically reacting Casson fluid past a vertical plate with variable magnetic field
384.   Effect of Impedance Boundary on Reflection of Plane Waves from free Surface of a Rotating Thermoelastic Solid Half Space
385.   Emitter Selection for Efficient Si Solar Cells: PC1D Simulations
386.   Design and Manufacturing of Gear Trains
387.   Performance Analysis of Feature Extraction Techniques for Iris Pattern Recognition System
388.   A Review of Cofiring Technologies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Coal Fired Power Plants
389.   A Review of Advanced Casting Techniques
390.   Identification of Important Factors Influencing the Performance of Engineering Students in University Examination: A Systematic Approach
391.   Tracking system for vehicles using GPS, GSM and GPRS
392.   Radiation Effects on MHD Free Convection Flow of a Gas at an Exponential Stretching Surface
393.   Mechanoluminescence of NaAlSiO4:Eu, Dy phosphor for developing impact sensor
394.   Testing the Performance of Pressure Sewer Systems to Reduce Wastewater Overflow
395.   Study on certain Human Traits based on Hardy – Weinberg’s Principle
396.   Crane Intelligence with Remote Monitoring via Internet
397.   Study on Tensile Strength Properties of Calcium Silicate Bricks by using Jute and Banana Fibres
398.   Finite Element Simulation of Residual stress Formation in cold Rolling Process
399.   Comparative Evaluation of Biomass Mixtures for Economic and Optimal Power Generation in India
400.   Effect of TIG Welding Process Parameters on Tensile behavior of 5XXX and 6XXX series Aluminium Alloys: A Review
401.   Comparative Study of Optical and Electrical Properties of CdSe:Sm and CdSe:Nd Nanocrystalline Thin Film
402.   Evaluation of Mode-I Fracture Toughness for Composite Laminate - Epoxy-Glass Fiber
403.   Evaluation of Young’s Modulus and Poison’s Ratio using Bulge Test
404.   Simulation Modelling and Analysis of Flexible Manufacturing Systems with flexsim software
405.   Soret and Dufour Effects on MHD Dusty Fluid Flow over a Cylinder with Chemical Reaction
406.   Design and Implementation of Database Security for Various type of Digital Signature
407.   CFD simulation of water lubricated conical hydrodynamic journal bearings
408.   Advancement of Straight Tube Butt Welding Process Parameters to Reduce Weld Rejection
409.   Impact of Dry Ice Cooling on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded 2014 Aluminium Alloy
410.   Heat transfer analysis of Blasius and Sakiadis flow of MHD Radiated Carreau fluid with Cattaneo-Christov heat flux
411.   An Overview of Optimization Techniques Used For Friction Stir Welding Process Parameters
412.   Mechanical and microstructural characterization of Al 6061-t6/SICP nano surface composites by friction stir processing (FSP)
413.   TF Estimation and Thermal Behavioral Analysis of Spindle Cooler System Prototype
414.   Effect of Cutting Parameters on Cutting Force under Different Conditions in Hard Turning of AISI4340
415.   Ionospheric Effects on the Performance of Satellite-Based Navigation in India
416.   Effect of parameters on Earth Air Heat Exchanger in Hot- dry climate
417.   Soret Effect on MHD Natural Convection Flow with Radiative Heat Transfer Past an Impulsively Moving Plate with Ramped Wall Temperature through Porous Medium
418.   Echo Cancellation in Voip using block-based Adaptive Filter
419.   Simulation Studies of Rattle Noise of Automobile Instrumentation Panel
420.   RFID Integration with Wireless Sensor Networks
421.   Heat and Mass Transfer in Unsteady MHD Casson Fluid Flow past an Inclined Plate with Thermal Radiation and Heat source/sink.
422.   Modified Threshold Energy Detection algorithm for Cognitive Radio Networks (MTED)
423.   Improving UPDRS and Efficacy of DBS with Microelectrode Recording of Subthalamic-Nuclei Deep Brain Stimulation (STN-DBS)–Classification and Prediction
424.   Assessment of transmission reach of advanced modulation formats for an 8-channel Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) system in the scenario of single- and mixed line rate optical networks
425.   Concept Development of a Dovetail Fixture to Induce Fretting Behavior
426.   Latent Variate Factorial and Clustering Analysis of EMG Writer`s Cramp Neuromuscular Signals
427.   Bamboo: Green Source for Future Applications in different Fields
428.   On Rayleigh wave in a generalized porothermoelastic solid half-space
429.   3C - Click, Count, Captcha Graphical Password Technique
430.   Performance Evaluation of Different Encryption Techniques
431.   Fretting Fatigue Study of Dovetail Joints with Retaining Pin
432.   Effects of Active Grids Gap’s Adjustment on Technical Performances of a Power-Driven Dehuller Devised for African Locust Beans Parkia Biglobosa
433.   Co-Design Approach to Genetically Tuned Fuzzy Temperature Controller
434.   Optimization of Chipping Process with Changing the Speed of Milling Machine
435.   Systolic Array Based Motion Detection Architecture using Modified Reichardt Model
436.   Increasing Percentage of Fiber Particles to Silicone Rubber without Changing Chemical Properties
437.   Choosing Cluster Head in Artificially Intelligent Wireless Sensor Network
438.   Experimental Investigation to Determine Influence of Process Parameters on Surface Finish and MRR in Wire Cut EDM
439.   Analysis of Congestion using Advanced Traffic Instruments – A Case Study of Chandigarh (India)
440.   Securing Fog Gateways with Assured Quality of Service
441.   Monument Informatica: A Tour based Guide system using Real Time Monument Recognition
442.   Influence of Conical Taper Tool Profile on Mechanical and Micro Structural Characterization of Friction Stir Welded 5083 Aluminum Alloy
443.   Comparison of Different Control Strategies for Shunt Active power filters using HBCC Technique
444.   Mechanical Characterization of Al 6061 Surface Composite with Nano particles (TiC) Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing
445.   Plasma Speaker Audio Modulated Solid State Tesla Coil
446.   Study the Effect of Fiber Particles in Silicone Rubber to Improve the Mechanical Properties
447.   A Study of Various Existing Techniques to deal with Pipeline Hazards
448.   Impact of Cylindrical Taper Tool Profile on Mechanical and Microstructural Characterization of Friction Stir Welded 5083 Aluminum Alloy
449.   Effect of Blended Cutting Fluids in Turning of Die Steel D2
450.   Optimization of Surface Roughness and Material Removal Rate in Turning of Stainless steel 304.
451.   Experimental Investigation of Peak Wind Loads on Heliostat in Heliostat Field of University of Engineering and Technology KSK Campus
452.   Compositional Dependence on Physical Parameters of Ge10BixSe80-xSn10 Chalcogenide Glasses
453.   Waste Water Treatment by Electrochemical Oxidation of Organic Pollutants
454.   Survey on Secured Reversible Image Data Hiding Techniques
455.   Kinetic Study of Granzyme B in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis Type B
456.   A Comparative Study in Online Movie Ticket Booking System
457.   New Innovative Women Protective Garment using Copper Yarns
458.   Smarter Cities Data Management – A Comparative Analysis in Big Data
459.   Design of a Reconfigurable Stumpy FPGA In view of Fine-Grain Power Gating
460.   New Approach Data Encryption using Key Generation and DS-PEKS Algorithm
461.   Deduplication of Data Storage Management in Cloud Computing
462.   Classification of Leucocytes for Leukaemia Detection
463.   Optimized Printer waiting time for Domestic and Educational Purposes
464.   Effect of Vehicle Geometry on Drag Coefficient
465.   Retinal Structure Segmentation using Adaptive Fuzzy Thresholding
466.   Economic Fuzzy Energy Controller for a Smart Home
467.   Analyze the Failure of a Suspension System Ball Joint
468.   Implementing Flipped Classroom as Innovative Method in Teaching Learning Process
469.   IoT Application’s and it’s Security Approach
470.   Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Glass Powder and Basalt Fiber Reinforced Composite
471.   A Smart Public Ration Distribution System
472.   Investigating the Tribological Properties of Aa 6061 Reinforced with Tic Nano Particles Fabricated Via Fsp
473.   Mechanical Behavior of Nickel Addition on Aluminium Alloy Al-7175
474.   Design and Fabrication of Liquid Silicone Rubber Material with the addition of Fiber particles for Mobile Phone Pouch
475.   Synthesis and Enhancement of mechanical properties of TiO2 Nano particles on Mild steel
476.   Effect of Mechanical properties and Microstructural Characterization of friction stir welded 5083 Alluminium alloy
477.   Effect of Welding Speed and Groove Angle of Butt Weldjoint using Tig Welding
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